Hello are you today?..I know may be some of you feel weird why I write this entry in English..Okay, today I will write this entry in English. And I used 'SKIPPING LONDON' #01 as a title for this entry. It is because I'm in a process to improve my English and want to be fluently speaking and writing in English. Actually, i'm not good in English. I'm always used the broken English. Even though, now i'm at the last semester for my degree, I'm still can't speak fluently. I've tried to improve my English, but it fails.
        Yes i admit, sometimes I feels lazy to learn English. I don't know why. At that time, English is a burden to me. So, I refuse to learn and don't have any intention to improve my English. How stupid me at that time. Make a decision without thinking the future. I don't know why I can't master English, even though I've learning the English from standards one until now. But at the end of semester baru terhegeh-hegeh     want to learn English. May be some people would say, it too late, but for me that was not a barrier for me to fluent in English. 

       Sometimes, I feel jealous to my friends who are good in English. They can speak in English fluently. And they look more confident than me, who are not good in English. Sometimes, i feel demotivated. But it is my fault, I'm just dreaming to be good in English, and not trying to improve my English. Haiishh...Malas betul...

       So, anyone who read this entry, you're allow to give a comments and correcting all my mistakes in English. i need your helps to improve my English ..Thanks...

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  1. good job yunk...seriously..i'm not too good in eng actually tapi still trying to improve it Insyaallah..kita boleh sebenarnya dik..seriously...kita boleh..tak pe plan2...first think kena suka and tanam kan minat nak improve eng tu dulu..gud lucksss =)